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Welcome to my world of words.
This is where I am placing all
the stories I have written.
They might not be that great,
but I had fun writing them.
I just hope someone else
will enjoy them.

This first story is a Christmas story
about the power of love and
what miracles it can do.

"An Izzy Christmas"

One of the girls ( Regina )
in the ferret group ask me if
I could write a story about
our friend Becky and her four ferrets
who crossed over a few years ago.
I gave it some thought
and this is what I came up with.
Who knows, maybe Becky is doing this.
It sure would be like her.

"Heart's Way"

We lost our beloved Izzy on
October 28th 2001.
He has left a hole
in all of out hearts,
and this is my way of saying good bye
to our little mascott.

"The Crossing"

This is the second of the Izzy Series.
Some times a summer can have a mystery
to be solved. Are you up to it?
Read it and see.

"Izzy's Colorful Mystery"

Now this story is based on a
true event.
My ferret Scrappy did get out
and was gone for almost six months.
How he surived is anyone's guess.
I hope you enjoy it.

"Scrappy's Big Adventure"

Steven King I am not,
but what the heck, I tried.
Do you have a family
like this?

"A Halloween Story"