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This story is dedicated to our News Groups little mascot Izzy, who crossed over Rainbow Bridge on Sunday October 28th 2001. We will always love and miss you Izzy.

He opened his eyes and as he gazed up into his Mommy's eyes, he knew this would be the last time he would look at the face he loved so well. Oh! how he wished he could tell her " I love you Mommy", but he knew there wasn't time, for as the love filled his heart, the light left his eyes. With one last breath he left that tired old body.

He floated up to the ceiling and looked around the room. He could see all his brothers and sisters and his Mommy holding him close to her and crying. " I'm not there anymore Mommy, I'm up here." he said. He waited for her to look up, but she didn't. " Mommy..Mommy, look up here. I'm up here, don't you see me?" Before he could call again he heard a soft voice calling, "Izzy, come to the light. Izzy looked around, but he couldn't see who was calling. Where are you?" he said. " Come to the light" once more said the voice. He looked around and finally saw a light like he had never seen before.

Oh what a beautiful light it was. It glowed and danced as if it were alive. He felt it drawing him to it and as it wrapped around him he felt so warm and at peace and all the cares and pain were left behind. He didn't know how long it took because time had no meaning there and then as if a vale were lifted from his eyes he saw a sight so beautiful. There before him was a bridge made of all the colors of the rainbow. It gleamed in the bright sun and sparkles of colored light danced in all directions. As he slowly approached the bridge, he saw someone standing there.It was a man like he had never seen before. He was tall with short golden hair and a face of pure love. Around him was a soft golden light and Izzy knew right away it was someone he could trust.

" Well Izzy, you finally made it. Welcome to Rainbow Bridge, I'm Michael, the guardian angel of the bridge. I take everyone across and help them to understand where they are and what to expect here."
Izzy just stood there looking at him with his mouth wide open. Michael knelt down and said, Do you have any questions Izzy?" Izzy had so many things going on in his little head, He didn't know what to say. "Not that I can think of right now." Izzy finally said.
"OK then, would you like to walk with me or would you like me to carry you across?"
Izzy thought a moment and then said" I think I'd like to be carried, I've been very sick and I'm a little tired, and it would be easier to ask questions that way, don't you think?" Michael laughed and agreed.

Michael gently picked Izzy up and held him to his shoulder so Izzy could look in all directions. As they made their way across the bridge, Izzy looked around and all he could see were the colors dancing around the bridge with white fluffy clouds above and below. " Where am I and how come you can understand me when I talk?" Izzy asked. Michael smiled and said "Well, " I'm an angel and we can understand everyone and this is the bridge that takes you to the other side."
" Other side of what?" said Izzy " I don't understand." Michael smiled and said "When you leave your earthly life, you come here to the bridge and I take you across to Rainbow Medows. That is where everyone's pets live until their loved ones cross over and then they come to get you so you all can go together."
Izzy looked at Michael and said" Go where?" " "Why to Heaven of course." said Michael " Will I be alone until they come?" asked Izzy " I don't want to be alone, I'd be afraid because I've never been alone before. I've always had Mommy and all my brothers and sisters to keep me company. Can they come and keep me company?"
"No, they can't come now, but in time they will all be here and then you will all go together to your special place in heaven and be happy forever. If I'm not mistaken, you have a brother and sister here who are eager to see you." Michael said.

Izzy was so busy watching all the pretty sparkling colors around him and thinking about what Micahel said, he didn't notice they had reached the end of the bridge. " Well, here we are." Michael said.
Izzy couldn't believe his eyes. As far as he could see were beautiful medows, trees, hill, mountains, streams, lakes, all bathed in a beautiful golden white light. The sky was a crystal clear blue and big puffy white clouds floated slowly along. His little nose sniffed at the air and he had never smelled air so clean. " Wow" was all he could say.

Michael gentle sat Izzy down on the ground and told him this is where he would stay until his Mommy comes for him. Michael turned to go, but Izzy yelled "Wait" Michael squatted down and said "What is it Izzy?" Izzy stood up with his paws on Michaels knees and said, " Where am I going to live and how will I find my brother and sister?"
" Oh, I'm sorry Izzy, I forgot to tell you that, didn't I?"
Michael sat down next to Izzy and said, " All you have to do is say your brother or sisters name and they will come to you. They already knew you were coming, so they are waiting for you. Call they and watch.

Izzy put his feet back down and looked all around. He didn't see how they could hear him if he called their names. This place was just to big and full of every type of animal making their own noises for his little voice to carry very far. He looked at Michael and Michael nodded his head and said " Go ahead Izzy, call." Izzy swallowed the lump in his throat and said " Bambi, Robbie." Then he waited.

Far off in the distance he could see two little figures running as fast as they could in his direction. Izzy looked at Michael " Is that them" he asked? Yes, was all Michael said. " But how?" Izzy wanted to know. " Things are different here Izzy. We don't listen with our ears, we listen with our hearts. This is Gods place. Haven't you noticed we have not been using our mouths to talk? The body you have now is not the one you had in your earthly life. This is a new and wonderful one, one that will never get sick or old."
As Michael stood up he said "Now I have to go. You stay here and soon your brother and sister will meet you. Good bye Izzy" and then he was gone.

Izzy watched as Robbie and Bambi came running up the hill yelling his name. It was so good to see them and now he knew he wouldn't be alone. They all hugged and rolled together until Robbie said, " It's great to see you Izzy, now we can have even more fun. Are you ready to go see where we live? It's a great big farm run by Mommies friend Becky and we have hundreds of other furfaces to play with." "I guess I am ready" Izzy said. He stopped long enough to look back at the bridge and whispered, " We'll be waiting for you Mommy, we'll be waiting."
He turned and looked at Robbie's and Bambi's faces and he knew everything would be alright and it filled his heart with joy. "Lets go" he yelled "Last one down the hill is a rotten egg" Than down the hill they ran, to Hearts Way Farm.

The Begining

Midi is Enya's " Only Time "