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K-9 Friend

AN old friend with soft gentle eyes,
came to me to say his last goodbys.
As always,in his nobel way,
his proud face seemed to say.

My life is now nearly through,
and this time I can not wait for you.
It's been good old friend
and oh, how I wish it need not end.

We know we'll never really part,
but always be in each others hearts.
so, so long old friend, till one day when
you and I shall meet again.

This K-9 friend knew some how,
as I placed my cheek upon his brow,
my grief filled heart was breaking,
he nuzzled my hands as to stop their shaking.

I could not hold back the tears,
of love, for this friend of many years.
he lay his head in my hand,
as if to say," I understand."

Already I felt the emptyness, the sorrow,
awakeing without him, tomorrow.
This friend whom I could always depend,
a friend that knew not now to offend.

I question not God's will or ways,
nor how he numbers each our days.
but surely he must set aside,
a place in heaven,these souls abide.

My thoughts race back, over the years,
the life he gave me, without fears.
The unlocked doors, the peaceful sleep,
always safe in his keep.

And as his spirit sought to be free,
I gently held him close to me.
I pondered as life began to dim,
did he belong to me,...or I to him.

Written by, Richard B. Sunday....1991

is not his real name.His real
name is in German
And about a sentence long.
We had no idea how to pronounce it,
so we dubbed him Pele.
Don't ask why, LOL!
I don't know.

Here was a dog that had more
personality then a lot of people I know.
If there was one thing he was good at,
it was carrying on a conversation.
That's right, He would talk your head off,
and argue like nobody else.
I don't mean he barked,
he didn't.
He would make all kinds of sounds
and use inflections so you would know
just what he was talking about.

Many a day he and I would get
into arguements and he always had
to have the last word.
I guess he wasn't German for nothing.

He was a wonderful dog
to have been owned and loved by.
I will always miss him,
and God willing,
we will be together again. :-)?

Pele' was a big lap baby.

Our little bed hog LOL!

Pele' and little brother Scrappy

Pele' and Inky playing

If she thinks I'm getting
off this new couch,
she's crazy.

See me smile? I'm a happy puppy.
Thanks for coming.