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Keep Climbing says the Captain,
Up through the smoke and smell
Keep Climbing says the Captain,
I Think I hear somebody's yell
Keep Climbing says the Captain,
Alive or Dead, Not ours to tell.

Keep Climbing Calls the Captain,
Forget about your pain,
Keep Climbing Shouts the Captain,
We have a few more floors to gain.
Keep Climbing Yells the Captain,
We'll bring them down again

Keep Climbing Cries the Captain,
If I can so can you.
Keep Climbing Orders the Captain,
Right now I need the best from you.
Keep Climbing Screams the Captain,
Forget About Those sounds
Its just some girders twisting
and some concrete falling down.

Keep Climbing Prays our Captain,
Eyes raised, heading for the top.
And when you're tired
and feel like quitting,
Remember Them, They didn't stop.

Keep Climbing whispers the Captain,
Climb up to that light.
Right up to that sunshine,
No Smoke to smell,
No fire to fight.

Keep Climbing sings the Captain,
That angel's hand will lead the way.
Rest now Sighs the Captain,
You did Your Job Today.

(This poem was featured in the Edmonton Sun Newspaper on October 3, 2001)

Please visit Janice's site in honor of the New York City Fire Department.
It's a wonderful tribute to the men and women who worked so hard and lost so much.

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