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October 31, one of Izzy's favorite days of the year and it was only 5 days away. That is the day kids came to the door dressed in funny costumes yelling " Trick or treat" to get candy. He loved seeing all the different outfits they have on. He hopes this year he would be able to have a costume of his own to wear. He could visualize being in a long black cape and black mask, running around scaring the younger ferrets.
While he was laying in his bed thinking about having fun with his Halloween outfit, a flash of light from the window caught his attention. He looked at the window and as he did a low deep rumble shook the house. His eyes brightened for he knew what that meant.
Izzy ran across the room and jumped up on the window seat to look out. The sky over head was still clear, but off to the west were thick black rolling clouds heading their way. The trees started to slowly dance in the wind and as it got closer the leaves turned their backs to it as if to hide from what was coming. Lightning streaked around in the clouds causing a light display that Izzy couldn't take his eyes off of. This was nature at it's best and Izzy loved every moment of it. The winds howled, the trees danced, the lightning streaked, the thunder rolled and the rain pored down, and all the while Izzy's heart was jumping with joy.

He was so ingrossed in the storm, he didn't hear Carol coming up behind him until she yelled his name. "IZZY, how many times have I told you it's not safe to sit on the window seat when it is storming outside. Lightning can come in the window and fry your little furry butt."
Izzy tried to ignore her and watch the storm, but a large bolt of lightning landed close by causing a terrible flash and a loud boom which shook the house. Carol scream, grab Izzy up and run out of the room.

Later after the storm was over and Carol had put Izzy back in his cage, Carol and Valerie were sitting in the kitchen having hot chocolate before bed. Their Mother had been on the phone talking for some time and had finally gotten off and came into the kitchen. She fixed herself a cup of coffee and sat down to talk to the girls.
" You all know your Grand Mother has been in the hospital and is coming home day after tomorrow. Your Aunt Regina can't go and stay with her for a couple of days, so I will be going. Now I know you are looking forward to the Halloween Party at school Saturday night, but I won't be here to take you, so, I was wondering if you would like to go to your Aunt Regina's for the weekend?

She paused long enough to look at the girls faces to see if they were receptive to the idea and all she saw were two unhappy faces. She had to smile to herself because she knew when she told them the rest, they would be jumping for joy.
"Oh, I almost forgot one thing. You know your Aunt belongs to the local Ferret Society? Well they are having a Costume Ball and all the ferrets will be in costume as well as the people. You can take several of your ferrets and make costumes for them and enter them in the contest. But, if you don't want to go, you can stay here and hand out candy with Daddy.
She knew that would get their attention, and she was right."

Watching the girls go from despair to elation in the blink of the eye was not only gratifying to see but amazing.
Carol and Valerie both started talking at the same time about who to take and what they will wear for costumes as well as what they should wear. They talked and laughed all the way to their room and would have talked half the night if their Mother hadn't told them to be quiet and go to sleep.

Early the next morning, Izzy woke but was to lazy to get out of bed. As he lay there he heard the girls come down stairs and go into the kitchen where their Mother had breakfast ready for them. Normally he would have got up and gone into the kitchen to see what he could mooch, but he didn't feel like it this morning. He laid there listing half asleep until he heard the words party and ferrets mentioned in the same sentence. That brought him straight up out of his hammy. "party? ferrets? where, when?" he said to himself.
Izzy ran out of his cage and straight to the kitchen. With one flying leap he landed in Carol's lap and stood up in front of her so he could put his face in front of her's.
"What party, what ferrets Carol?" he said, "Answer me, I want to know NOW."

"What is he doing?" asked the Mother as all three stared at him as he kept making his dooking noises in Carol's face.
Valerie leaned on her elbows with her head in her hands watching Izzy. After a few minutes she decided she knew what it was Izzy wanted. " "He wants to go to the party, that's what he wants." she said with a sigh.
Izzy stopped dooking at Carol and turned to look at Valerie. " That's exactually what I want." said Izzy as he did his war dance across the table to Valerie.
"See, I told you that's what he wanted." said Valerie as she picked Izzy up to hug and kiss him.
"Well I'll be." said the Mother in complete astonishment."Wait a minute." said Carol. "Your trying to tell us you can understand what Izzy is saying? You really expect us to believe that?
Before Valerie could answer her, Izzy jumped out of her arms and started dooking like crazy and running around the table as if he were chasing something. "OK Miss Smartypants,said Carol "what is he saying now?"
Valerie watched and listened to Izzy and then looked at Carol with a smirk and said " He wants a black cape and mask so he can chase the other ferrets around and scare them."
Carols mouth dropped open in disbelief, no way could she believe what Valerie was saying.How could she possibly understand Izzy, he was a ferret. People can't understand ferrets, can they?

Carol sat down, her mind was a whirl of thoughts until she noticed Izzy sitting in front of her. She stared at him and he at her as if he were waiting for something.
Carol gave a sigh and leaned closer to Izzy until their eyes were looking straight into each others. Neither moved, then Carol opened her mouth and whispered to Izzy, "Do you really want a black cape and mask?"
Izzy leaned closer to Carol, licked her nose then gently bit it and as he leaned back, he looked Carol straight in the eyes and shook his head up and down YES.

"MOM, did you see that, he said yes. He shook his head up and down yes." screamed Carol as she jumped up from the table and started to run around the kitchen. "Can you believe it, we have the smartest ferret in the world. Who knows what else he can do, why I bet"
"CAROL" said her Mother, "will you settle down. Now sit down, take a deep breath, and relax, ok?"
Carol did as her Mother said, but she couldn't turn her thoughts or mouth off as fast.
"But Mom, you saw him, he said YES." wailed Carol as she sat back down.

"Yes, I saw him." sighed the Mother. She looked at the girls and then at Izzy and didn't know what to say or think. It was just to much to believe that Izzy could actually understand and talk even if it was in ferret which Valerie seemed to understand.
What would all this mean if it were true? Would they dare tell others and if they did what would happen to Izzy and them?
She could see it now, a late night show commentator saying, "Tonight our guest is the world famous talking ferret and his owner, Lets give a big hand for Valerie and her ferret Izzy."

"MOM MOOOM" yelled Valerie. "you had the funniest look on your face. What were you thinking?"

"Oh, just letting my imagination run wild for a moment, that's all." she said. "It's time you two left for school and I have to call your Aunt Regina and let her know you girls are coming, so get going. " She kissed them both and shoved them out the door. She just stood there staring into space thinking about what had just happened. "Now I know I'm a rational person and I don't believe animals can really talk let alone be able to understand us, no it's just not possible." She shook her head laughing and reached for the phone.

Izzy did his happy dook dance all the way into the ferret room. He was on cloud 9, knowing he was going to get his first real Halloween costume and it would be what he always wanted.
As he entered the door, he stopped and looked around. There were all the ferrets doing their things. The younger ones playing tag or crawling through the many colorful tunnels, the older ones who were almost as rambunctious, were doing mock battles with each other.
As he watched them all, he knew one thing, no animal including man enjoyed life as much as a ferret.

"Watch out Uncle Izzy." yelled Bear as a big pink ball slammed into Izzy's middle knocking him over."Ooops" sid Bear "I guess I kicked it a little to hard, huh Uncle Izzy?"
Izzy looked at Bears happy face and shook his head in agreement and then said, "Would you mind getting this ball of of me?"
"Sure thing Uncle Izzy." said Bear and preceded to lay on his side and give the ball a strong kick and sent the ball sailing across the room smacking into several other ferrets knocking them flat. "Oooops" I did it again." said Bear with a grin.
The two ferrets got up and looked around to see who kicked the ball into them. When they saw it was Bear, they started running towards him.
"I think I better go Uncle Izzy, see you later." yelled Bear as he took off in the opposite direction. The last he saw of Bear was when the other two were just about to catch him when he ducked into one of the tubes.

Izzy had a lot to do before he would be ready to leave for Aunt Regina's. He had to decide who would go to the party with him.
Of course Bear would go, he couldn't leave him behind. He would never hear the end of it if he did.
But who else, that was the question.

He finally made up his mind on who would go, when Bear came bounding into his cage. "Hey Uncle Izzy, am I going with you to the party, am I, huh? I want to go and I have a costume all ready picked out to wear too. Guess what it is?"
Izzy sighed, shook his head and said "Yes Bear, your going. So is Swiper, Mickey, Charlie, Argo and baby Moochie. Oh yah, Jeanie.
"Jeanie?" yelled Bear. "why her? She is such a trouble maker and gets into everything. I bet she will even steal Aunt Regina's mouth color. She can't go, she will ruin everything for the rest of us."
"Bear, aren't you being just a little melodramatic?" said Izzy with a sigh.