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As the sun began to spread it's color over the early morning sky, Becky sat down in her rocker on the front porch. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath and filled her lungs with the heavenly scent of the clean air slightly scented with the flowers that bloomed in the garden.
This was her favorite time of day, when all was quiet with only the sound of the birds chirping in the trees. Yes, she loved the early morning quiet.
She was about to take a sip of her morning coffee when the screen door slammed open against the wall next to her chair, causing her to spill coffee all over the front of her dress.
Four little furry bodies went streaking across the porch, down the steps and down the path to the road and they were soon out of sight.

Becky stood up holding the soaking wet dress away from her, shook her head and sighed " I do wish they would give me some warning, but I guess that's asking to much of them. When they know a new arrival is coming, they can't wait to greet them." She chuckled to herself looking down the lane, then went into the house to change.

Merlin, Arthur, Cherry and Baby headed down Heart's Way, turned left on Blessings Road. They then cut across a large flower garden and came out onto Rain Bow Avenue, and raced for the bridge.

As they neared the bridge, they could see Michael leaning over talking to a little ferret. Both looked in their direction as they approached, and Michael said," Well look who's here, the welcoming committee.
Zoie this is Merlin, Arthur, Cherry and Baby. You will be living with them and many other ferrets until your Mother comes to get you, then you can go to heaven with her. Until then, I think you will be very happy there, won't she kids?
They all agreed and gave Zoie ferret kisses and told her to follow them.

Along the way they explained everything to Zoie and as they did, they could see Zoie becoming more at ease. As they neared Heart's Way Farm, Zoie stopped. Her eyes grew wide as she took in the sight before her. Never had she seen anything like it before.

Up on a hill was a big beautiful farm house and all around it as far as the eyes could see were little houses and ferrets. Ferrets playing, ferrets sleeping and some just sitting watching what was going on around them.
"Well, what do you think?" ask Merlin. "I, I don't know." stammered Zoie. " It's all so beautiful and big, but who is going to take care of me and love me like Mommy did?" Baby being the youngest knew how Zoie felt. She had her Mommy with her all her life and could just imagine how lonely she would be with out her.
"See that lady on the porch Zoie? That is our Mommy and she will take care of you and love you until your Mommy comes and gets you.
Zoie looked at Baby with a smile on her face and said "She will? She will love me too?"
"You bet she will, why Mommy loves all ferrets and the more she has to love, the happier she is, huh guys?" They all agreed and started up the path to the house.

Later after Becky made Zoie welcome and gave her a dozen hugs and kisses, the kids ran off to play with some of the other ferrets. The last she saw of them was about a hour ago, heading over the hill towards the creek. It still amazed her how some loved the water and others hated it.

Becky decided she would make a salad for dinner, so she picked up her basket and headed for the garden. She had to admit her vegetables never looked this good in her old life, but then why would they? Here eveything was perfect, there it wasn't. She got to thinking about life before and how hard it was at times and all the pain of living day to day. Sure, there were good times, many in fact, and those were what she thought about the most. She missed her kids, but knew that was only temporary. She could always check up on them and she did often, but it wasn't the same as being able to talk to them and be seen by them.

Then there was the group of ladys she met on webtv. That made her laugh out loud. What a crazy bunch they were. Flying around in a cloud mobile with all their ferrets. yes, they were funny, but she loved each and every one of them. She just wished there was some way she could let them know that she was taking care of all their babies as they crossed over the bridge.
Becky was so deep in thought she didn't see or hear the young woman behind her until she heard "Excuse me."
Becky turned around, smiled and said" Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't hear you come up behind me. Is there something I can do for you?"
"Well, if your Becky, yes there is. I've come for my ferrets Taffy, Ginger, Bart and Elmo." she said.
"Oh how silly of me, of course your here for your ferrets.They are out playing right now, but will be back soon for dinner. Would you like to come up on the porch and have a nice glass of iced tea while we wait?" Becky asked.
"Why yes, thank you. That would be very nice. You certainly have a beautiful place here. Is it hard to take care of so many ferrets? I've never seen so many in my life." said the young woman as they walked to the porch.
Becky told her to hold her questions until she went and got the ice tea and to please sit down and she would be right back.
True to her word, Becky came back in a couple of minutes with not only the ice tea, but a plate full of cookies. After serving the young woman, Becky sat back and started to explain how it was really easy to take care of all the babies she had there. She told her how they really take care of them selves, and all she did was give them the love they needed when they needed it. The hardest ones were the ones abused by either bad owners or were use in labs. Those she said were so tramatized that it would take a lot of love and understanding to get them to the point of trusting and being able to show love back. Once they were well, they could either stay with her or go with a friend when their owner came and got them. Many went with a ferret friend, but many stayed with her. Either way didn't matter, just as long as they were happy.

They sat there for a while sipping their tea when the young woman asked "Becky, would it be possible for me to come back and help you with the abused ferrets? Like you, I love them so much and if I can help just one ferret to know what it is to be loved, I would be so happy. They could even be mine if that is what they want."

Becky reached over and took her hands in hers and gave her a hugh smile then said, " Of course you can, any time you want.
Becky leaned back in her chair and continued, "You know, it is something the way all the people who come through here end up asking the same thing. I don't know how many have helped over the years, and they keep coming back again, and again. I think that's one of the reasons why I stay here. God has really blessed me by giving me this wonderful job.

A litte time later Becky looked down the walk and saw Merlin, Arthur, Cherry and Baby coming up the walk soaking wet. Becky laughed and said, "Well, here comes my 4, and soaking wet as usual." She waited till they reached the porch and asked Merlin to go and get Taffy, Ginger, Bart and Elmo and tell them their Mommy was waiting for them.
After he left, she told the other 3 to wait until he got back and then she would get towels for them to dry off on.
They were sitting at her feet when all of a sudden their little heads perked up as if they could hear something that only they could hear. Before you could blink, they were running down the yard headed down the lane and coming from the right came Merlin at top speed to join them.

The young woman sat there with her mouth wide open, trying to understand what she had just seen. She looked at Becky with such an astonished look, Becky couldn't help but laugh.
"Don't worry, it's alright. Some how they know when a new arrival is coming, so they race down to the bridge to meet them and bring them here. I don't mind it during the day, but at night, the slamming screen door wakes me up"

The young woman was about to say something when she saw her 4 fuzzbutts coming up the walk.
If there was one thing that filled Becky's heart with joy, it was watching the reunion between the ferrets and their owners. The love and happiness was overwhelming, and never failed to bring tears to her eyes.

Now it was time for them to go. Becky hugged them all and watched as they walked down the path when she remembered something. She yelled after the young woman and asked" I forgot to ask your name, what is it?"
The young woman smiled and said, "Why it's Melissa, but you can call me Mel."
"OK Mel, I'll be seeing you." yelled Becky. When they were gone from sight, Becky sat down in her rocker to watch the sun go down. As she rocked back and forth she thought " I'll be seeing you, the rest of my friends. Don't hurry, I have plenty to keep me busy until you get here. Good night and sweet fuzzy dreams."