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This page is dedicated to all my ferret that I have loved through the years who are no longer with me, but their spirit lives on in our hearts.


This Page is a List of All My little ANGELS.

ERMA- This was our 1st Baby we ever owned. She was found by a friend and given to us since he couldn't keep her. She was a loving little girl who loved to have her picture taken. If ever an animal could smile, it was she.Her smile will always be remembered.

PRECIOUS a.k.a "MUFFY"- You have heard of hell on wheeles? well she was hell on four fuzzy feet. That little lady and I use that term loosely was anything but a lady. I really think she was a boy (BUTCH!) in drag. She could out run,out jump,and out fight all the boys and not to mention even my dog who was a large 100lb. She lost her sight and slowed down as she got older, but she still had the heart of a lion. We will always miss her.

BUDDY- We had him for a very short time as he had distemper and the Vet couldn't save him. He was such a pretty baby. He had very dark fur all over with only white on his nose and feel. It's amazing the other ferrets didn't get sick but my dog Inky was a puppy and had only one distemper shot at the time and he did get it. I knew when he got sick that he had distemper, but the vet didn't think so until the tests came back positive. I had heard that they were using vitamin C with good results so I started giving him 1000mg of C and boiled chicken four times a day. He was well in no time.

SCRAPPY a.k.a. MIRACAL BABY- He was our miracle child. Not only did he survive distemper, He got loose while we were renovating our kitchen and ran away from home for just under 6 months. How he survived 6 mo. is a feat we can not understand to this day. God surely was with him. When we got him back. He was like a new Ferret! his shakiness was gone and his fur was completely full, His sister Precious was so shocked and happy to see him that those two were inseperable for a whole week. He lived a long life with lots of love from us and his ferret brother and sisters.

RASCAL & KITTY- They were given to us because their parents were going over seas and couldn't take them along. They always stayed together. They were both loving and adoriable babies.I use to love watching them play together so gently so unlike the others. Rascal was the first of the two to die. He died of old age on New Years Day. He was so sweet. Kitty was a Mommy Girl. She mothered all of the other Ferrets we had at the time especially Ferris. She died one night while we were over at a Friend'shouse. We didn't get to see her before she passed on. I feel that she felt such lonlieness after her brother died that she just gave up.

DUFUSS- He was not one of the brightest but he was oh so sweet. He was a real snuggle bunny. He would let you carry him around all day if you wanted to. What I found so cute was the way he would get down from a chair by backing down till his toes touched the floor. Later I found out it was due to his bad eye sight.

PAW-PAW- Sad to say he also lived a very short life. We only had him for a few weeks before he died. He was a really cute silver-mitt. The Vet said he chocked on a piece of food. I still feel so bad about him.

FERRIS a.k.a POOKIE or FAIR FAIR- He was the replacement for Paw-Paw and looked a lot like him. Here was one of the laziest ferrets I have ever seen.EXCEPT for when ever he saw Gizmo. He would scrunch up his face, flatten his ears and go after him with a vengence. Why he hated him I'll never know but boy he did. Other than that he was a real sweetie.

GIZMO- He was my favorite of them all. Our dog accidently stepped on him and broke his back. The Vet gave him an experamental drug for spinal problems but she didn't think it would work. He never could walk again but he could go to the bathroom on his own and that was the Vets biggest concern.The one thing that he did that no other ferret before or after, was really look at things.I would hold him at the door and he would watch the cars go by or look at the birds as they flew by. If it moved he watched it. I really believe that his handycap caused him to be more intellengent. His eyes were the prettiest I have ever seen. They looked dark until the light hit them and then they were ruby red. He was a beautiful boy both in body and spirit.

PENNY a.k.a. DOT WARNER from the Animaniacs- We got her mostly for Gizmo. My son Chris and his friend Robin went to a Pet store and looked for the most gentlest female they could find. She is really what Gizmo needed since he couldn't play with Ferris. She made Gizmo's spirit soar! Penny would keep him clean and play with him. She was a real sweet and gentle being except for when she was bossy. After about 3 years, Penny wasn't feeling well. She was hard of breath and didn't have much energy to play with her 2 recently purchased brothers Kadoe and Gus. So we went to the Vet. We found out that she had a tumor on her Venacava. The Doctor said that he had to remove it along with a tumor on her Adrienal Gland (Which made it look like she was in Heat.). The Doctor said she had an 80% chance of living. So things were looking good. The next day The Doctor called and told us Penny died durring the night. I couldn't believe it! He told us just 24 Hours before, that it looked good! I still believe that He did something wrong and Killed her. Her Brothers still miss her to this Day.