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Welcome To My Life

"Part Five"

"My Playground"

   In the Year of 98 we not only had to deal with my 
friends death but the betrayal of our so called 
friends that owned the house we lived in. This is a 
long story, so I'll start at the beginning.

Steve the owner had been friends with my husband since the early sixties and I have known him almost as long. When he got married in 81 I became friends with his wife and was so for many years until I found out what she was really like, than I stayed away from her as much as possible. You are wondering what was it that I found I could no longer tolerate, Right? Well I'll tell you. She is one of the coldest people I have ever met. She does not care how she hurts you as long as it makes her look good. The only thing she cares about is money, Herself, and doesn't care who she hurts. She wants your sympathy for her problems but will give you none in return. I'm a forgiving person and will bend over backwards to forgive and forget but even I have my limits so that is why I stopped going around with her about five years ago.

Anyways in November of 98 a car ran through the hedge in the front yard and made a real mess. We called the police and had a report made and got in touch with their car insurance company to get it fixed. We didn't tell Steve because he was having troubles with Fran his wife at the time and we had taken care of problems before. Also at that time a friend from Chris's Childhood, Paul needed a place to stay so we let him stay in the basement until he could get back on his feet. When Fran found out everything EXPLODED!!!

She had been trying to get Steve to throw us out for years so she could either rent the house for more money or Sell the place once and for all. And now she had what she needed to do it. For one thing Steve wanted my husband to defraud the insurance company by saying we didn't know who ran through the hedge so he could collect from his Home Owners Insurance Company as well as the Car Insurance Company. He wouldn't do it so that made Steve mad and then when Fran told him about the young man staying with us who happened to be black, well he went ballistic. He told my husband and I quote "that no "nigger" would live in his house and we would pay for it". Two weeks later we got an eviction notice. Nice guy Ha?

If you think it's against the law to discriminate against people in this country, think again. In the state of Virginia and especially in Arlington County you can get away with it. The state laws still have got a slave mentality and we found that out the hard way. So that is why we had to move not only from Arlington where we could not get any help because they said we were to poor ( there anyone who makes under $35,000 a year is considered low income ) to help. "Example: A one bedroom will cost between $1000 to $1800.+" No way could we afford that!

So here we are in my old home town of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.
I can't say I miss Arlington except for leaving my Son,
My Ferrets, and My Friends behind.
It is however, so nice to see the hills that I love so much.
Where the air is clean
and the sky so blue.
Where heaven and earth meet.

I am Home