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Welcome To My Life

"Part Four"

"Sweet Little Loves"

Like the song from long ago said " Pick your self up...dust yourself of and start all over again."
And that is what I did. It wasn't easy but like an
alcoholic I learned to live one day at a time.

In 1982 I started to have a lot of pain in my
abdomen. I always had cramps with my period but it
would only last for a day. But with each period it
got worse till it got to the point I was in pain all
the time. The worse part was when I had to move my
bowls ( doesn't this sound lovely lol!)
I would be in such pain I could hardly walk
afterwards. One day my husband came home
and I asked him to take me to the
emergency room at the hospital, I just couldn't take
it any longer. The doctor there said he could feel a
large mass in my left side and I needed it taken care
of right away.He gave me the name of a doctor
and I called to set up an appointment for three days later.
Dr. Falo was his name and he was nice but not the
type to sugar coat what could be wrong. He said I
could very well have cancer and if I did he would
have to take all my reproductive organs out as well
as any thing else in there if it need be. I was not
to happy and to tell the truth scare witless. Well a
week later after many tests, I had my surgery.
It took over five hours and boy I'm glad I slept through it.
What he found was a large tumor on my left
overy ( Not Cancerous, Thank God!!! ) the right one
was totaly destroyed and I had Endametreoses ( have
no idea how to spell that ) so bad that every thing
in there was black and it was strangling my
intestinal track. Oh, and a lot of scar tissue from
the C-Sections. He took out all he could and
now I no longer want to howl on the fence at night.
I'm just a fat cat that sits on the couch now.(-;

It was not to long after that my husband brought
home the first of my major loves, a ferret. Love at
first sight it was and still is even if I can't have
pets where I live now. Maybe one day I'll have more,
God I hope so. I love those little babies.

From eighty three till ninty nothing much
happened. Just the daily day to day things until my
husband had an accident at work and got hurt and had
to go on disability. Well we couldn't live on
that to well especially in Arlington
where everything is so expensive.
So little old me had to try and find a job.
Thats not so easy when you have no training for the computer age.
That didn't leave much so I had to work retail.
Got a job with Lerner N.Y. Some times it was fun
and others it wasn't. It all depended on who
I was working with.
Most of the girls were nice but
there were a few who I could say were real nasty.
The first three years were spent at the Seven Corners
Store until they closed it,
then I went to the new mall in Arlington called Ballston Commons.
It was a nice store but there we went
through managers like water. In the five years there
I went through eight different ones.
After awhile I was the only one who
knew where everything was. I was only a full time
associate but did everything the assistant managers
did not to mention I trained most of them. They
wanted me to become one but I worked only week days
and didn't want to give that up. I wasn't that
stupid. They closed that store also in ninty eight
so now I was out of a job.
I did get pretty good benefits like stock,
profit sharing.medical while there so I lost a lot when they closed.
They did give me eight weeks severance pay
plus my stock money and my retirement
so I wasn't hurting to bad.

The year 1998 turned out to be a very troubling
year for me and my family. First off early that year
my best friend for 28 years went into the hospital
for a minor surgery to repair a small hernia in her
abdomen but she never came out alive. I don't know
what they did to her and will never know
for sure but it broke my heart.
She sure didn't deserve that
and I will always miss her.

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