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Welcome To My Life

"Part Two"

     Washington D.C. Our Nations Capitol, land of 
lies and deceit and a place I now called home. 
Actually I moved to Arlington Va. which is just 
across the river. I had a job working at Howard 
Johnson's which was anything but fun but it payed the bills.
When we wern't working we visited all the sights
around Washington worth looking at.

One day I met a guy who had my favorite car, a 57 Chevy and we started dating. We would hang out at a drive-in restaurant called Top's
where he had a lot of friends.
One of those friends turned out to be my husband. We had a whirlwind courtship
and got married in three months.
And, we have been married now for thirty five years.
Not bad Huh?

He worked for an electric Company called Reed Electric
in Georgetown and his customers were mostly Congressmen,Senators
and foreign embassies. Boy the stories I could tell you.
Well, I'll tell you a few things.
My husband almost decked Teddy Kennedy one day for blocking him in,
in a parking lot. Teddy got scared and ran away lol!
He told Henry Kissinger off for trying to tell him how to do his job.
Kissinger apologized. He through the Embassador of Iran into the swimming pool.
After that the Embassador wouldn't
have anyone else do the electrical work there. Someone wanted him to bug the Russian Embassy,
( guess who?)
he wouldn't and he went and told the C.I.A.
They knew. (-: There were a lot of other things
but thats enough for now.

One day before our fourth wedding anniversary our first son was born.
I never saw such big hands and feet in my life.
he weighed one ounce under seven pounds
and he was a month early. If he had gone full term I would have had to have a c-section.
Doc said I was lucky to have had him early.

He grew very fast and big.By the time he was
one, he had all his teeth and wore size four's in
kids clothing.
I started to teach him the alphabet at age one
an by the time he was three he could read
just about anything. His only problem was his speach.
The doctor said his brain worked so fast that his
mouth couldn't keep up. We also found out that
he had a photographic memory. He never forgot anything he
saw. Needless to say we were very proud of him.

Life went on as usual for the next few years
and then I found I was pregnant again. things seemed to be normal but I had this feeling that someting was
wrong. The doctor assured me that everything was fine
but that didn't help. When I was five months pregnant
I started spotting. The doctor had me stay off my
feet as much as possible but with a three year old
that is kind of hard. One morning my water broke and
I started to hemorrhage really bad. Here I was home
alone with a three year old and scared to death.I
couldn't get ahold of my husband so I called my
father-inlaw to take me to the hospital and keep
Richie with them. In the hospital emergency room I
lost the baby and almost blead to death.If I hadn't
been there so they could take me straight to surgery
I would't be here today. I found out that the
placenta had attached right over the cervix and as
it grew it pushed out and became unattached. The baby
was a girl, which I already knew because I'd already
named her Lara Ann. I still wonder what she would
have been like if she had lived.

Two years later I was pregnant again but this
time the doctor wasn't taking any chances.I was not
aloud to ride in a car, had to stay of my feet, ect,
ect. This time I was carring Christopher Lee and he
was the worst baby in the! He would run
marathons in there.Round and around he would go till
one day he kicked so hard he broke the sack and I
still had ten weeks to go to my due date. Back then
they didn't have the technology they have today so
they didn't think he would survive. They were going
to keep me in the hospital and try to have me carry
him as long as possible as long as nothing went
wrong. Well I guess something did because they did a
c-section two days later. Chris weighed three lb's
and six oz. at birth. He looked so little
and sounded like a cat when he cried.
He was born on November 20th and I got
to take him home Dec 23rd.
He only weighed 4lb's 8 oz's but the
Doctor thought I could take care of him better at home.
Plus he was my Christmas present.
His only problem was his immune
system which didn't develope right so he would get
sick all the time. He still gets sick very easy.

When he was two months old I got pregnant again.
Needless to say I was highly upset.
Here I was with a two month old and pregnant again.
Everything seemed ok to begin with but at five months
I got that same feeling that some thing was wrong.
I knew that the baby would die and there was nothing
I could do about it. I told the doctor
but he said I was just worring
because of the troubles I had before. I named this
baby Heather Lynn and she was a good baby to carry.
I started to have problems with my blood pressure
and then I developed toxemia. At the end of my ninth month,
( which was a first for me) I had gotten
Richie off to school and Chris was down for a nap
an all of a sudden I felt very sick.
I couldn't see, was dizzy and was going to pass out
so I laid down.
That was when Heather stiffened out side ways
and I knew she had died.
I didn't tell anyone. That was on a
Wednesday and my doctors appointment was Saturday.
When I went to the doctors the nurse asked me how I
was doing and I broke down crying and told her
Heather was dead. That was one of the worst days of
my life. The doctor called the hospital and got an
operating room ready right away and I went straight
to the hospital to have a c-section. I'll never
forget how he looked afterwards. He was very upset
and said I was right that she was dead and had been
so for about three days. I never got to see her
because they wouldn't let me and that is the hardest
thing. I needed to hold her and say goodby.
That was so wrong of them.

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