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Welcome To My Life

"The Early Years"

     It all started on March 3, 1944 in East 
Liverpool,Ohio. I was born to Kenneth C. DeLanie and 
Betty Jean Knox DeLanie. I was the third of three 
children. That three sure pops up alot, I wonder if 
it has a meaning? LOL! Any ways, I have two older 
brothers..Robert G. and David L. DeLanie. I hate to 
say this but....there are three years between 
us.David is three years older than I, and Robert is 
three years older than David. My father left us 
before I was two years old so I never got a chance to
know him as a person or a father. It took me many 
years to realize how much his leaving affected my 
life and how I felt and what I looked for in a man.

Most of my childhood was spent in Canonsburg, Pa. except for two years in a little bitty town called Taylorstown. Boy I loved it there. The town was basically one street long with a couple of side streets.The local school was a big old building with two rooms up stairs and two rooms down stairs. Two grades were in each room with one teacher for both grades. It was a wonderful school with wonderful teachers. I have a lot of good memories of that place.

We moved back to Canonsburg when I was ten yr's old to a new housing project. This is where I spent my teen years which were pretty good. I started dating when I was thirteen years old which I'm sure a lot
of people
would say is to young. It's not that I was that interested in boys, I just liked the idea of going
to the movies free. I was the first of my friends to date
so it was a big deal to them. They all had to help me get dressed and then watched out the window while I left on the date. I remember the boys name but can't
remember the movie. Must not have been very good.(-:

I did a lot of dating as a teen but never met anyone I really cared about to the point I was tempted to do something I shouldn't. I even got engaged at seventeen for all the wrong reasons.You want to know why?...I'll tell ya. I was the only one in high school with a diamond ring. Oh I was bad but when your young you do stupid things. You heard that saying "Payback is a bitch" Well I got mine in spades. My best friend had a brother that came
home from the Navy and the first time I laid eyes on him
I was a gonner.
He was beautiful, I know, men are handsome not beautiful but to me he was.
He was five years older than I was so to him I was a kid.
Atleast I think that's what he thought. One Christmas Eve he kissed me and if he hadn't been holding me up
I would have hit the! I had it bad.
Anyways he left for California to be a cop and I never saw him again.I still remember the pain I felt when he left.

About two years later I got engaged again.
Was I in love this time? No! I cared for him
a lot but that special something was missing.
I met him on a blind date that my coworker set up because her boyfriend was home on leave from the Air Force and had brought a friend with him. We hit it off right away and started writing and the next thing I knew I was on a bus to Newport R.I. to stay with him and his family.

While there I got a job to pay my own way and
we got to know each other better. I stayed for about three months then went home. That Christmas he sent me an engagement ring after he asked me to marry him. Then one day I got a call from a friend in Newport and she told me he was running around with some other girl. Well that two timing little snake!!!! Ticked me off I'll tell you. I'm not the type to take things lying down, no sir.I went and found the nearest pone shop and hocked his ring. Then a friend and I left for Washington D.C. to find work and where the men at that time out numbered the women ten to one. Things were looking up.

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