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"Then You Look At Me"

Laugh and cry,live and die
Live is a dream we are dreaming
Day by day I find my way
Look for the soul and the meaning

People run, sun to sun,
Cought in their lives ever flowing
Once begun, life goes till it's gone
We have to go where it's going

Then you look at me
And I always see
What I have been searching for
I'm lost as can be
Then you look at me
And I'm not lost anymore

And you say you see
When you look at me
The reason you love life so
Though lost I have been
I find love again
And life just keeps on running
And life just keeps on running
You look at me and life comes from you.

Written by James Horner and Will Jennings

As you all know, our dear friend
has been taken away from us.
Most of us knew her as Melissa,
but her real name was Marion.
What ever she called herself it
did not matter. Like the old saying
, " A rose by any other name would smell as sweet."
Here was a sweet, gentle, shy person
who tried to make everyone she met
feel a little joy and put a smile on
your face.
Her gift for giving was a true
blessing to us all.

I know I and many others
will miss her e-mails of loving poetry,
cute gifs, or words of wisdom
to live by.
Her passing has left a hole in our hearts
that can never be filled
and she will never be forgotten.
And so my friend,
I pray that you have found
what you were looking for
and that God fills your heart
and soul with love and joy.
Good bye Mel, until we meet again.

Your loving friend, Judy