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Hello, welcome to my latest Izzy story. As you all know, he is one special ferret. Now that summer is here in Izzy's world, let's go take a look and see what he might be up to.

As the house lay quiet in the cool, still darkness of the early morning, Izzy laying on the window seat, streatched his little arms out in front of him and yawned. " I'm sooo bored." he thought. Rolling over on his back looking at the gray sky, he knew he needed to find something fun to do this summer or he would go nuts. " The kids are really getting out of hand, so I think I'll have a meeting with all of them and we might be able to come up with something fun for them to do" With that thought in mind, Izzy closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Izzy woke several hours later and made his way back to the cage to wash up and eat breakfast. As he climbed up the ramp, he stopped and listened. Something was not right, it was way to quiet. He knew the kids were early risers and for it to be this quiet meant something was up. He didn't like the feeling he got, no not at all. he made his way up the ramp into his section of the cage and he was just about to look in his mirror when he heard some giggling. " Who is that?" he yelled,he waited, but no answer. " OK, be silly, I don't care. Izzy turned around and looked in the mirror and almost fell over. He took another look and screamed so loud, it could be heard all over the house.
Valerie and Carol came running into the ferret room, they took one look at Izzy and burst out laughing. " Mom, come look at Izzy," they both yelled. As the Mother reached the cage, she bent down and looked in, she couldn't believe her eyes. There sat poor Izzy, or at least she thought it was Izzy, it was hard to tell. All she could say was, " Oh my." She tried not to laugh, but first a smile snuck in, then a big grin. She finally lost the battle and started to laugh uncontrollably.

Poor Izzy who didn't think it was at all funny, turned and looked sadly into the mirror. What he saw looking back wasn't the sweet little face he was use to seeing, but a grotesque caricature of a clown. There were bright green stars around his eyes, one ear was shocking pink while the other was a bright blue. His nose was purple and his mouth a bright red. Izzy was not a happy camper.

" Carol, bring Izzy to the kitchen and Valerie you go get a towel and the baby shampoo and let's see if we can get that paint off. Our little boy is not very happy right now." Mom said. As Valerie went running to get the towel and shampoo, Carol picked up little Izzy and carried him into the kitchen. " Mom, how do you suppose this got on his face? I know he didn't do it." said Carol. Mom thought a while, than said, " I don't know Carol, do you think Valerie would have done it?"

Izzy knew one thing and that was Valerie didn't do it, but one of those sneaky little carpet sharks did. But which one was the question. Oh, he would find out, and then he would find a way to get even. Maybe this summer wouldn't be so boring after all.

Later that afternoon as Izzy laid in his hammock thinking about what had transpired that morning, he could hear some of the kids playing. " It's my turn to save the princess, you be the bad knight for a while." he heard one say. "No, I want to be king. let Bear be the bad knight." another said. Bear not wanting to be the bad knight said, " But I want to be the magician. Then I can use magic to save her." " You can't do that." said another. " Can I be queen?" asked one of the girls. On and on it went until they were all yelling at each other. Izzy couldn't take anymore and went running down to where they were. " QUIET, all of you." he yelled. " Now this is getting out of hand, I can't even think straight with all this racket you kids are making. I think it is time you all took a nap." " NAP?" they screeched in unison. " Read my lips." Izzy said " N A P that spells nap, got it?" "Yes Uncle Izzy." said 10 little unhappy voices. " OH, and kids, I want you to tell all the rest to be over by the window at 7 this evening. We are going to have a meeting about what we can do this summer to keep you all busy and happy at the same time, so put on your thinking caps, ok?" "We will Uncle Izzy." they yelled as they ran off to tell the rest.

Izzy turned to go back to his cage and as he did, he could see the clock on the kitchen wall. " Only 11AM." he sighed. " Well, that gives me plenty of time to try and find out who painted my face.

He decided to lay down on his hammock for a while and think. "Now Let's see, could it have been Genie? She is one rambunctious little girl. Maybe Weasel, or Harley? Nah, it's got to be one of the kids that lives here, not one visiting for the summer. But, I really can't be sure so I..... "HEYYYYYYY, what the heck" yelled Izzy as he was thrown through the air. He landed with a thud, and as he opened his eyes he groanded and closed them again. " I should have known." he thought. He opened his eyes again and looked into Bears face.
" Oh Uncle Izzy, you wont believe this. It's terrible, just terrible" panted Bear. "Bear, settle down and tell me what is wrong." said Izzy. Bear took a couple of deep breaths and started again. " You know the last two babies Big Mamma adopted and has in the special cage for new kids? Well someone painted their faces with rainbow strips and their tails too. Big Mamma is all upset. She thinks Valerie did it and now Valerie is in her room crying her eyes out."
Izzy couldn't believe what he just heard, How could this have happened again and no one see anything? Who was doing it and why? Could it be it wasn't one of the ferrets, and if so, who was it? Izzy looked at Bear and said "I think we have a mystery on our hands Bear."

Mystery or not, Izzy knew he had one thing to do first, and that was go and see Valerie. He told Bear to keep his eyes on the kids for a while and headed up stairs.

When he reached the girls room he could see Valerie curled up into a ball on her bed. He crossed the room and climbed up on the bed. Valerie opened her tear filled eyes and when she saw him, she reached for him and hugged him tight.
"You know I didn't do it don't you Izzy, that's why your here. whimpered Valerie. " I would never do anything so mean to you babies."

Izzy knew she was telling the truth and it broke his heart to see her so unhappy. He looked up into her tear filled eyes and reached up with his paw and wiped a tear from her cheek. Then he reached up with both paws, and gave her a ferret kiss by licked her cheek and gaving it a gentle bite.
"Oh Izzy, you give the best ferret kisses in the whole world and it's just what I needed to feel better." Valerie said.
After more hugs and kisses he jumped off the bed and started to do his dance that ferrets are famous for. Valerie laugh as Izzy did his dook dook dance all the way across the room and out the door. Her laughter was music to his ears as he ran down the steps.

Izzy was deep in thought as he walked down the hall, so he didn't notice the eyes watching him from the opened door to the basement. They noticed him and remained very quiet until he was gone. Then they too disappeared into the shadows.

He was about to go into the ferret room when he heard and saw Genie come running up the hall behind him screaming his name. "What's the matter Genie, are you alright?" he asked.
"No, I saw something Uncle Izzy and I don't know what it was, but it scared me. I thought it was going to get me so I hid under the table in the dining room. Then I saw you go by in the hall and figured it would be safe to come out, but when I got to the hall I could see these big glowing eyes over at the basement door. that's when I started screaming and running towards you. I'm not going in there any more, it might get me. You won't let it get me will you Uncle Izzy?" cried Genie.
Izzy looked at Genie's scared little face and knew she must have seen something that truly scared her, but then she did have a wild imagination, so he didn't know what to think. Maybe he should check it out."
Tell you what Genie, Bear and I will go check it out and make sure nothing is still there, but from now on I want you to stay in the ferret room. Will you do that for me Genie?"
"Yes Uncle Izzy. I'm to scared to go in there anyways. whispered Genie. She took one last look back down the hall and ran in to the ferret room.

Izzy and Bear slowly made their way down the hall. Neither were in a big hurry to get to the basement door. What if something was there, what would they do?

For some reason the hall seemed longer and darker to Izzy and Bear, and their feet felt as if they had lead shoes on. The closer they got, the slower they went. When they got to with in a few feet of the basement door, they both stopped. Bear looked at Izzy and said with a lump in his throat "You want to go first?" Izzy looked back at Bear and shook his head no. "maybe we could go together, it would be safer, don't you think?" Bear looked at Izzy with the look that said "Yah, right." but didn't say a word. "Well, say something for pete sake." said an exasperated Izzy. Bear tried, but the lump was so big in his throat now, all he could get out was a tiny squeak.
Izzy looked at Bears face with his eyes so big they looked like they were going to pop out of his head and not to mention he was shaking so bad his teeth sounded like castanets. " All right Bear, you stay here and if anything happens, you run and get Carol or Valerie, OK?" whispered Izzy. Bear shook his head up and down in agreement.
Izzy turned and headed for the door. Strange he thought, I never noticed how big and dark it was before. A few more steps and he was standing in front of it. Everything looked all right from the front, now it was time to look behind it. Izzy stretched as far as he could and peaked around the other side. Nothing. With a sigh of relief, Izzy let out the breath he had been holding the whole time since he had gotten to the door. He had to smile to himself for being so scared. Some big brave detective he was. that really made him laugh. He was laughing so hard, Bear came running up to see what was so funny. He told Bear how big and brave they were and Bear had to laugh too.

When the laughter stopped they both stood looking down the steps. "It looks normal to me" said Bear. Izzy had to agree, but then something caught his attention. "do you smell that Bear?" said Izzy. Bear sniffed and sniffed and he had to agree that there was a strange odor, but he didn't know what it was.
"I don't know what it is either, but it's not one I have ever smelled here before. Maybe Genie did see something. I think we better be a lot more careful until we find out what it is." said Izzy
As they walked back up the hall, Izzy was thinking "Yes, we need to be a lot more careful from now on."

Life seemed to be back to normal for the next few days, but seemed is the operative word here. Things were anything but normal, it's just Izzy didn't know about it until he heard Big Mama and Carol talking about what had been going on.
"I don't know what is going on around here for the last few day. Things disappearing, other thing showing up where they don't belong. Even my make up has vanished." said big Mama. Carol knew what she was talking about, because she too had things missing. "You know my paint set I had in my room? Well it's gone and so are my lip sticks and nail polish. This is really strange." Carol said scratching her head.
Valerie came into the room and reached up to the fruit bowl to grab a banana and all she got was thin air. "Mom, who's eating all the fruit? Every time I come in here to get some, it's gone. Carol, your eating it all aren't you, you big pig" said Valerie while waving her finger under her sister's nose. Carol looked at her sister with a look of contempt then yelled," I'm a pig? Why you short fat little oinker, have you looked in a mirror lately? I haven't touched the fruit, you probably swilled it down so fast you don't even remember doing it."

Izzy was watching the whole thing and was getting a big kick out of the girls fight, when big Mama yelled "GIRLS, that is enough. You both have got to stop fighting like this. We are having a problem here and we need to find out what is going on. Now both of you sit down so we can figure out what to do about it." " You tell em big Mama." thought Izzy " give em what for, for me too. even though I do enjoy watching them go at it."

Valerie happened to look down and saw Izzy sitting there, so she picked him up and sat him on her lap. He wanted to make sure he didn't miss a thing, so he sat up and put his paws on the edge of the table, just like they were doing.
Big Mama cleared her throat and said "Valerie, are you missing anything?" Valerie sat there for awhile thinking and then shook her head no. "Oh wait, I couldn't find my finger paints yesterday, or my gel pens this morning. Why, is it important?" she asked her Mother.
" I think it might be, but I'm not sure what it means. It's just so strange that things like lip sticks, nail polishes, paints, anything you color with is disappearing. I know the ferrets take things when they can, but not things like these. And what about Izzy's and the new kids being painted? Who ever is stealing, is doing the painting, but why?" their Mother said.
They all sat there deep in their own thoughts and even Izzy had to admit it was very strange. He also knew he better find out who was doing it before something else happened.

Looking at the clock, Izzy saw it was almost 7 and time for the meeting, so he gave Valerie a quick kiss and headed for the ferret room.
He no sooner got in the door when Bear came bouncing up to him grinning his silly grin proclaiming he had keep an eye on everything while Izzy was gone and all was well. Izzy patted him on the head and praised Bear and all the while you could see Bear's chest swelling with pride. Izzy loved Bear probably more than the rest, but it was something he would never let anyone know. If he could have had a son, Bear would be what he would have wanted.
Izzy jumped up onto the window seat and faced the group. He looked at all the faces looking at him with such trust and love, that his own heart filled with such love for them he couldn't speak. They were his family and he loved each and every one of them. He finaly cleared his throat and began to speak." As you all know, some strange things have been going on around here for the last few day. We don't know what is going on and until we do I want everyone of you to stay in the ferret room. No one is to leave this room with out my permission. If I am not here to ask, you will get Bear's permission and under no circumstances are you to leave here alone, is that understood?
heads were bobbing up and down, but one little voice could be heard coming from the back. Izzy tried to see who it was but couldn't. Then like magic a little head would appear then vanish and Izzy knew who it was. He told everyone to be quiet and said "Genie come up here and say what it is you have to say." Genie pushed and shoved her way through to the front, looked around as if to say she was more important than they were and gave them her most regal tail wag and head flip and asked, " Uncle Izzy, what if Valerie or Carol takes us up to their room and leaves us, what are we to do?"
Izzy had to admit that was a very good question and told Genie, "If Valerie or Carol takes one of you, the rest will see it. I think we should make a list of who will follow you up stairs and stay there until you come back down either with Carol or Valerie or with the escort provided. Bear, I'll let you make up the list of who watches who."
Now, are there any other questions Izzy asked.There were none so Izzy closed the meeting and they all headed back to their cages to have supper and get ready for bed.
It had been a very long day and Izzy was bone tired. He was even to tired to eat, so he went straight to bed and as soon as his head hit his hammock, he was out like a light.

He didn't know what time it was and at first he thought he was dreaming. But he wasn't. He sat straight up in bed and listened to screaming and crying, then the running of feet. He heard Big Mamma yelling something to Big Daddy and more feet running. " What is going on up there?" thought Izzy. He could hear the other ferrets waking up and becoming alarmed. Some even started to cry. He could hear movement in the room and thought some of the little one were going to be with some of the bigger ferret, but he was wrong.
Izzy didn't know what to do so he sat a while longer. Things seemed to be settling down up stairs, but his curiosity was getting the better of him. It was starting to get light so he could see a little but not much. Should he go now or wait till it was light? He pondered it for a few seconds and decided to go now.
He jumped out of his hammock and landed on something soft and furry that screamed a strange sound. Izzy jumped straight up and back into his hammock so fast he didn't even have a chance to see what it was. He took a peek over the edge and looked into a set of strange yellow eyes. Eyes like he had never seen before. And with those strange eyes were sharp white teeth.

Ferrets might be cute, small and cuddly, but they are also very good predators. Izzy's basic instincts took over and he lunged for what ever was in his cage. it screamed as Izzy ceased it on the neck and shock it for all he was worth. They thrased around until some how it got away from him and ran from his cage.
Izzy was totally unaware that all the other ferrets were screaming and causing such a commotion that Big Mamma and the girls came running into the room. When they turned the light on all went quiet. Carol came over to look in Izzies cage and screamed, "Momma, look at Izzy he has blood all over him, he's been hurt." and then she started to cry.
"I'm not hurt." thought Izzy and then he looked down at his fur and there was blood all over it. "Well I'll be, I did hurt what ever it was. I bet it won't come in here anymore."
Big Momma reached in and picked Izzy up very gently to look at him closely. She looked for a few seconds and turned to Carol, then said" Carol, this isn't his blood." "WHAT?" screamed Carol. "What do you mean it isn't his blood?" Big Mama held up Izzy so the girls could see that Izzy didn't have any wounds on him. "But Mamma, if the blood isn't his, whoe's is it?" asked Valerie and Carol. "I don't know, but what ever he attacked is now hurt and that might make it more dangerous to all of us. I think it's time Daddy called the Police and Game Warden in to find what ever it is and catch it. I don't want any of the babies or us hurt. I know it has only been playing tricks on us so far, but I don't want to take any chances."

Some time later after Izzy and the girls were cleaned up and they all went back to bed, Izzy lay in his cage thinking about what Big Mamma had said. She was right, it really never hurt anyone. It didn't even try to hurt him when he attacked it, only tried to get away. Why was it here and where did it come from? And most of all, what was it? His little brain was a whirl with questions he had no answers for, but he was determined to find out.

His big break came later that afternoon while walking around the room checking on everyone. Little Bobo was playing with his favorite fur ball and it rolled under Izzy's cage. Since Izzy's cage was high off the ground, Bobo ran under to get it like he had countless times before, but this time it was different.
As he picked up his ball, he noticed it had sticky stuff all over it, so he dropped it right away and went to get Izzy.

" Uncle Izzy, Uncle Izzy" Bobo yelled as he ran up to Izzy.
"What is it Bobo?" Izzy asked. Bobo scrunched up his nose and told Izzy that his ball got all yucky when it rolled under his cage and Izzy better clean up that mess and his ball right away.
Izzy asked to see the ball and Bobo said it was still under the cage and he wasn't going to touch it until Izzy cleaned it.
Izzy agreed to clean up the ball and headed back to his cage. On the way he ran into Bear and Izzy told him what Bobo had to say.
Bear asked Izzy what was under the cage and Izzy said he didn't have a clue, but would soon find out.

Bear stood looking at the floor and the dark sticky stains while Izzy lightly touched it with his paw. Izzy then put his paw up to his nose and sniffed.
Bear was dying to know what it was and said," Well, what is it?"
Izzy looked at Bear and said one word "blood."
Bear's eyes almost poped out of his head when he heard that. He tried to talk, but all he could do was stammer"Is it, could it, did it, what if."
Izzy wasn't paying any attention to Bear. Izzy had found what he knew could lead to finding what ever was in the house. For under his cage was a trail of blood that he would be able to follow to where ever it was hiding.

"Uncle Izzy, I don't think this is a good idea you trying to find this thing on your own. What if it attacks you, or eats you?" said Bear as he followed along behind Izzy.
Izzy turned around to Bear and said" Bear, if it wanted to eat me, than why didn't it last night when it was in my cage? Even when I bit it, it didn't bite back. I don't think it's mean, I think it is scared and now it's hurt because of me and I have to find it." " You don't have to come along if you don't want to Bear, I can find it on my own." said Izzy over his shoulder as he continued down the hall.
Bear stood there watching Izzy get further and further away. He didn't know what to do, go or stay. He knew he was afraid, there was no denying that, but on the other hand he didn't want Izzy to be alone. Izzy was the closest thing he had to a father and if anything happened to him because he wasn't there to protect him, he would never be able to forgive himself.
"WAIT!" yelled Bear. "I'm coming too." Off he ran down the hall, as fast as his little legs could carry him.

Izzy was keeping his nose close to the floor, trying to detect any stains or smells. As they approached the door to the basement, Izzy found one small stain on the door. "Look Bear, a blood spot and look where it is." Izzy whispered. Bear looked and all he could see was a tiny smear of brown on the little door that was for the cat to go to the basement where it's litter box was kept. Bear looked at Izzy and said, "It could be something else because of the cat going down there to do you know what, couldn't it?"
Izzy told him to smell it and he would know it wasn't you know what. Bear shook his head then said"No, no, that's ok, I'll take your word for it. so now what do we do?"
"Why go down there of course, what did you think we would do? We can't find it up here, now can we?"
Bear's shoulders slumped and he hung his head, "I knew he was going to say that, I just knew it."
He looked up at Izzy, sighed, and said "ok, let's go, but your going first. WAIT! What if it's dark down there, how we going to see?"
Izzy looked at bear as if he lost his mind, then said, "Bear, we are ferrets, we can see in the dark, remember?"
"Oh yah, now I remember." giggled Bear.

Izzy stood up on his hind feet and shoved his head through the opening and looked down. All he could see were the steps and a small amount of the basement floor. He pulled his head out and told Bear that he was going to jump through and for him to count to 5 and then he should jump through. Bear said he would, so Izzy turned around and jumped through.

Izy landed on the top step and was about to move over when Bear landed right on top of him and they both ended up rolling down the steps to the basement floor.
Izzy sat up and looked at Bear who was laying just behind him. "Didn't I tell you to count to 5 Bear?" Said Izzy. Bear opened one eye to look at Izzy and said" I did, I counted to 5. 1 3 5 and then jumped, just like you said. I know how to count Uncle Izzy, so I did right, didn't I?"
Izzy had to smile to himself and told Bear he was right and that he should have moved out of Bears way. He also made a mental note to teach Bear how to count after this was all over and things were back to normal.

Izzy had never been to the basement before and had no idea how large it was. As he looked around, he realized there was a lot of room for something to hide in.
He started to walk in small circles and slowly made them larger. Bear asked him what he was doing and Izzy explained he was looking for any blood spots that might be on the floor.
He had no sooner finished telling Bear what he was doing, when he found a small spot heading towards the next room.
Izzy picked up his pace and stopped at the door. He looked around and saw boxes stacked on the floor and boxes on shelves. Some of the boxes on the floor were turned over and empty, where others had their contents spilled on the floor. He walked over to check out the boxes and while looking at all the things on the floor a light from the far corner caught his attention. He tried to see what it was, but the corner was to dark. It was the sun light from the window bouncing off of something that was shiny. If he wanted to see what it was, he would have to go over there.
He told Bear to stay there and he would go check it out. he inched his way around the boxes and looked around each corner to make sure nothing was there before he moved further. When he finaly made it to the corner, he had to pull the thing out before he could see what it was. When he saw what it was, he motioned for Bear to come over.
Bear came running over and looked at it and then asked Izzy what it was.
Izzy told Bear that it was Big Mamma's mouth cover. "Mouth cover?" Bear asked.
"Yes" said Izzy and he told Bear it was the stuff Big Mamma used to put color on her mouth. "Why would she want to do that for?" Bear asked. "I don't know Bear. Maybe they think it looks nice." said Izzy.
Bear started to giggle and said Genie would love to have some so she could look nice too. Izzy said he would see what he could do about it later, but for now they had to find what ever it was that took the mouth cover.

As Izzy looked around, he noticed that all the boxes along that wall were moved away from the wall making a path way. He told Bear to be quiet and they started down the path. Every so often they came across things. Empty paint bottles, banana skins, apple cores, grape stems, lipstick cases, all the things that were missing were here, and right in front of them was who took them all.

Bear and Izzy stopped dead in their tracks, afraid to move so much as a muscle.
It like wise sat staring at them.
Izzy had no idea what it was. He could see it was covered with brown hair except for it's face which looked almost human, but wasn't. It's little body was slim and he had what looked like arms with hands instead of paws. No, Izzy had never seen anything like him before and what it did next really surprised him.
With out warning, the little creature held out it's arm and in it's hand it had a bright shiny object. When Izzy didn't take it, the little creature laid it at Izzy's feet.

Izzy didn't know what to make of all this. He knew the little animal wasn't being mean and was trying to give him something as if to say he wanted to be friends.
Bear was watching this all take place and had a thought. "Uncle Izzy, do you think he can talk to us? If he can, he can tell us why he is here."
Izzy looked at Bear with amazement. "That is a great idea Bear. Wonder why I didn't think of that?" Bears face lite up with a great big grin and said, "Maybe I'm smarter." Izzy's eyes widened and then he smiled. " Sometimes I think your right Bear." Izzy chuckled.

Izzy turned his head and looked at the round object laying on the floor in front of him. He picked it up and faced it towards the light so he could read it. Macky it said at the top and at the bottom it said Monkey. "Macky Monkey, I've heard that some where, but where?" said Izzy trying to remember.
Then it hit him. On the talking picture box in the kitchen when he was sitting on Valeries lap.Izzy looked at Macky then held up the round object and said "This is your name, isn't it? Your Macky Monkey?" Macky shook his head up and down and a big smile spread across his face.
Izzy smiled back and then asked Macky, " Can you understand us and talk to us?" Macky leaned forward to where his nose almost touched Izzy's and said "yes."
"Wooo hoo" yelled Bear, "He can talk." "Bear, be quiet. We don't want anyone coming down here and finding us yet." whispered Izzy. Bear settled down and sat there grining at Macky and Izzy then said " It's still great he can talk."

Izzy turned to Macky and asked him how he came to be in their house. Macky sat down and with a sad face told them his story.

He told them he was a circus monkey and he worked with the clowns. He would come out to the center ring in a little car and jump out and chase the clowns around. When he caught them he would paint their faces and people would laugh at how cute he was and how funny he made the clowns look. He loved his work and the people he worked with. They were on their way to another town when their train had an accident and the car he was in derailed and went over an embankment and landed in the river. His cage was broken so he could get out, but some of the other animals weren't as lucky. He said he swam to shore and laid there for a long time. He must have fell asleep, for when he woke up, everyone was gone and he was all alone. He walked and walked and didn't know where he was or where to go for help. Then a few nights ago he saw a cat sitting on the back porch, so he came up to him and asked him if he could help him. The cat having never seen a monkey before, screamed and jumped through the hole in the door.
Macky being scared and hungry, looked through the hole and right away he could smell fruit and water, so he came in. After eating all he could he looked around for a place to hide which he found in the basement, and then he rested. He would come up at night to get food and while looking around he found things that reminded him of his own paints so he took them.
It was on the second night he found Izzy sleeping on the window seat. He wanted to do something nice for Izzy, so he painted his face. He didn't know it would upset him and he was sorry it did. He tried painting several others, but they all got upset too, so he didn't know what to do. He hid in Izzys cage and when Izzy bit him, it really scared him. Now he didn't know what to do. He was even to afraid to go up stairs to get food.

Izzy and Bear both felt so bad about what Macky went through that they vowed to help him get food and back home where he belonged. They talked for a while longer and promised to bring him food as soon as it got dark. Before they left, Izzy picked up the round object in his mouth and took it with him.
Once they got up stairs, Izzy hid the object in his cage so no one would see it."What are you going to do with that?" Bear asked "I'm not sure, but I think it will be very useful in helping Macky get home." said Izzy.

Later that evening Izzy went into the kitchen where Carol and Valerie were sitting watching the talking picture box and eating popcorn. He stood up so Carol could see him and pick him up. He sat on her lap an suddenly he heard Macky's name on the picture box. They were talking about how sad it was that such a talented and beloved monkey die in such an awful accident.
Izzy let out such a screech, it startled both of the girls.
He jumped off of Carol's lap and headed straight for the ferret room and his cage.
The girls thinking something was wrong with him, ran after him. Wnen they got there, they turned on the light and saw Izzy coming out of his cage with something in his mouth. He walked over to them and dropped it at their feet.

Carol leaned over and picked it up and when she saw what it said, her mouth dropped open. Valerie grabbed it from Carol's hand and read it out loud "Macky Monkey" Oh my goodness. Mom, Dad, come here, now. " she yelled.
Their parents came running into the room and when they asked what was the problem, Valerie handed the object to them.
"Where did you get this?" asked big Mama. "From Izzy." Carol and Valerie said in unison.
Now all eyes were on him. Izzy knew it was now time to show them where Macky was.
He slowly started to walk down the hall and would turn to see if they were following. When he saw that they were, he went a little faster. When he came to the basement door he looked at them and then jumped through the cat door."Would you look at that? I didn't know he could do that." said big Daddy. "I guess he can, so we better follow him, don't you think?" said Big Mama.
They all agreed and followed him down to the basement.

Izzy was sitting in the doorway to the next room. As they got closer to him, he started to act strange by chattering and jumpimg in their direction.
"What is he doing?" asked Big Mama. Valerie and Carol looked at each other and smiled. "He doesn't want us to go any further Mama." said Carol with Valerie agreeing. Valerie knelt down and told Izzy they would stay there. When Izzy saw they were staying put, he ran across the room and disappeared behind the boxes.

Time weighed heavely on them. What was only a few minutes, felt like hours as they waited. Finally Izzy peaked around the corner of the boxes and with him, was a sight they will never forget. Macky Monkey peeked around the corner with him. They all gasped in disbelief. No one could believe what they were seeing. All they could do was stand there staring.
Valerie being the first to react, squated down and held her arms out to Izzy and Macky. Izzy looked at Macky and slowly walked over to Valerie. Macky saw that she still held her arms out and he to went over to her. She slowly wrapped her arms around them both, and as she did, Macky through his arms around her and buried his head into her neck.

Izzy was use to being the center of attention, but nothing like this. After Big Daddy called the police and informed them that Macky Monkey was at their house, not only the police and the owner of Macky showed up, but every tv station. Even every kid and parent in the neighborhood showed up to see what was going on. Izzy was now a big celebrity. He was on tv as were his family. Why even Bear got in on the act, and not to mention Genie had to push her way in too and wearing Big Mama's mouth color. It certainly was something to see.

Several days later as Izzy and Bear were laying on the window seat, Izzy said "Well Bear, I think we now have something for the kids to do this summer." Bear opened one eye to look at Izzy and asked "And what would that be Uncle Izzy?" . Izzy streatched out flat on his tummy and said with a grin "Why have a circus of course."

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