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I've always loved the Fall, but for some strange reason it didn't feel the same this year. Maybe because the kids were all grown and gone, and with Dan dying last year, I had no one to share it with.
As I pulled into the driveway, I looked at this big old house and thought, why do I stay here? I don't need all this room any more, I really should sell it and buy a condo in town. But I do so love this old place, and it's been in the family for over two hundred years.
Family! don't want to think about them now, no not now. It's so cold I've got to get inside.
I ran up the walk to the door and was about to reach for the door knob, when the door opened by it's self. Thats strange I thought, maybe I didn't close it all the way when I left. yes, that's it. Old age is really creeping up on me, nothing to worry about.

As I made my way down the long hall way to the kitchen, I couldn't help but notice all the pictures of my ancestors hanging there. their eyes seemed to follow me with every step I took. Look away I said to myself. They are dead and long gone they can't hurt you. Everybody knows when your dead, you stay that way.
The kitchen was nice and warm. I went to the cupboard for a cup, then to the stove to put the kettle on for a cup of tea and as I did so I looked out the window.
Hmmmm! What is different? Something has changed but what? I couldn't quite figure it out at first and then I saw what was different. There was a light on in the old mausoleum. No it can't be it hasn't been used in over a hundred years, no one would be in there, no one alive anyways. Then the sun went behind a cloud and the light went out.
"See you silly old goose, it was the sun light." I said to myself, "Your letting Halloween spooks get to you."

As I drank my tea I thought about the history of our family and all the horrible things they did to acquire their wealth. Would we ever be able to live them down? I think not, at least not if we stayed here. All my children moved away because of it, and now I was the only one left in this big old house, alone.
I made my way back down the hall and as I stopped to turn the lights on, I once again looked at their portraits. There was Great,great,great Uncle Jasper MacConnell. From what I've heard he was the worst of the lot. Human life meant nothing to him, and he proved that many times in the past. He owned that big old MacConnel Mine and many died in it, due to his greediness. One cave in alone killed over one hundred and fifty men and boys. They say if you go to the old mines entrance, you can still hear the moans and screams of the dead.

That was the time the town rose up against him and hung him from the tree in our own back yard. I have heard how they dragged his wife and children out of the house and made them watch while he slowly chocked to death. After he was finally dead, they left him hanging there.
They wouldn't let his family bury him at the church cemetary, and that's why we have our own mausoleum.

Next is Great great Grandfather Malcom MacConnell. He was a doctor around here and from what I have heard he was a cold uncaring man. Many of his patients died from his mistreatment or lack there of.
The last one is my Great Grand Father Robert MacConnell, who was a judge in the court here . How many he put to death is not known, but many say it would take God himself to figure it out.

I'm not proud of them God knows, but there were some good men in this family. But not enough to make up for those three. As I looked at them all I noticed that out of all the portraits that just these three seemed to be fading. Thats strange, I wonder why? If only they could fade from peoples memories as well.

Leaving the hall light on as usual I slowly made my way to the stairs when off in a distance I heard a long eery sound.
WHAT? what could that be, I bet I forgot to close the back screendoor and all that wind is making it move. Of course, it couldn't be anything else.
I made my way up the steps and down the hall past all the rooms which were now empty and cold, remembering when once they were filled with warmth and laughter. Why did they all have to go away and leave me behind to feel all this loneliness. A sob escaped my lips before I could stop it. No, I won't cry, I won't.

As I went into my room, a blast of cold hit me from the open window. I could hear the wind howling through the trees like a million lost souls screaming to be free. I know I closed this window this morning, so how did it get open? I must have forgot thats all. One of these days I'm going to be my own executioner with this forgetfulness.
After closing the window I turned on the gas fire place to warm the room while I got ready for bed. After putting on my long flannel night gown, I climbed into bed and picked up the book I'd been reading for the past few nights, when I heard a noise like a door opening and closing.
My heart started to beat so hard I could hardly breath. A cold sweat broke out on my forehead and my hands became like ice. Reaching for the phone I dialed 911 but the line was dead. I ran to the door and locked it then leaned there waiting...waiting.

Slowly I heard foot steps coming up the stairs, one by one until they reached the hall. They stoped for what seemed like a life time. Than slowly they came step by step closer and closer to my door.
I ran across the room frantic, looking for something to use to protect myself. Oh God, what am I gong to do. The gun! Yes, my husband kept a gun in the night stand.
I ran and pulled out the drawer and there it was cold and black. With shakey hands I reached down and picked it up. I never held a gun before and it felt strange. Would I be able to use it?

I turned in time to see the door knob slowly turning, but I knew I had locked it, how could it turn? A soft moan of dread came from deep inside me as tears of fear filled my eyes. I was shaking so bad I could hardly hold the gun in front of me and then the door slowly opened.
Standing there was a vision straight out of hell. A rotting corpse with skin hanging off it's face and blackened bones for fingers. Old moldy cloths that smelled like the grave hung on it's blackened body.
With it's arms reaching out, it came closer and closer and closer. I couldn't move, my body was frozen in terror. God help me I was gong to die. As it's hands reached for my neck I heard one last thing as it started to turn black. SURPRISE MOM! MOMMMMMMM?